The Empire On The Move

A year of traveling, with the purpose not to go and see, but to go and be seen and heard.

A year of going where people don’t like you, and making sure they see you, to persist.

A year of standing up and standing out in places that like to pretend they’ve never seen anyone or, more often, anything like you. To resist.

An Imperial March, an occupation, a taking up of space, a measured movement of mischief against the malevolent malice of misled miscreants.

Transcentrism is going to travel the contiguous United States (lower 48) for one year, a 100,000 mile adventure, visiting each state and making at least four stops in each state where food will be served, fun will be had, music will be played, and teaching will be done about the everyday lives of Trans people in what are considered red zones.

Videos, journal entries, tweets, random thoughts, and lots of photos uploaded right here, daily. Livestreams, Q&A’s, and more!

We are an expert organization on the lives of trans people across multiple intersections, and can present this information in a way that people can relate to, laugh about, and understand. Our past experience includes  direct service in multiple areas to over 3000 trans people and indirect service to over 5000 others.

This is done in the spirit of such past efforts as spirit buses and historic bussing efforts, and while DC is a stop along the way, the start and finish are going to be in Arizona.


Donate To the Cause: 

Every single dollar matters, every single dollar counts, so feel free to donate a dollar or ten or whatever! Every donor is thanked and listed on our Donor’s Page here (anonymous available on request)

The trip will be used to raise money for local organizations at a rate of 75% of any funds raised while in that state, and 25% going to The Trans 100. 

Transcentrism is in the process of getting its exemption status, so your donations may be tax deductible.

Sponsorships are available!

Individual: $250

Small Town: $500
To ensure a stop, and make sure it happens in your area, raise 500 dollars, donate 250 of it this effort, and the rest goes to local work and preparing a space. You will be recognized as a supporter on the website, with your stop recorded and credit to your group, team, or collective, or individual effort, as well as promotion for your town.

Small NPOs (less than 25k a year): $500,

You get ad space with video on the website, consistent mention and thanks in every single stop, brochure and flyer layouts at every stop, and 11″ by 17″ Logos on the wrap.

Small Businesses: $1000

You get ad space with video on the website, consistent mention and thanks in every single stop, brochure and flyer layouts at every stop, and 11″ by 17″ Logos on the wrap.

Large NPOs (over 25k a year): $2500

You get ad space with video on the website, an organizational page, consistent mention and thanks in every single stop, brochure and flyer layouts at every stop, and 24″ Logos on the wrap.

Large Corporations: $5,000

You get a corporate page on the website, consistent mention and thanks in every single stop, brochure and flyer layouts at every stop, and 48″ Logo/Ad on the wrap. Logo/Ad can be on the side or rear.

Naming rights:  $10,000

You get to name the Motorhome and determine the license plate, and you get to determine the size and placement of your advertisement on the vehicle. You will be described on the website, have a full page, a video advertisement, and you will be mentioned in every single posting relating to his effort every day for a full year and then some.

Where Does The Money Go?

$48,000 seems like a lot of money for Equipment, and it is — which is why we will also accept donations of any of the items or services!

Here’s the Breakdown of where the money goes…

Essential Costs:

  • A Motorhome: $15,000
  • Title, Registration, Tags, Emissions: $2,000
  • Insurance: $2,400
  • Wrap: $7,500
  • General Repairs & Improvements: $5,000
  • New tires: $2,500
  • A General Emergency Fund: $5,000

Equipment For Each of the stops:

  • A Utility Trailer for a roaming foodservice setup: $1,000.00
  • An all in one Kitchen: $1,800
  • Water & Electrical supply: $1,200
  • Propane and Grill: $1,000
  • Labor & parts for assembly: $1,000
  • Canopy Tent: $200
  • Seating: $500
  • Lighting: $250
  • Brochures, Handouts, & Zines: $1,500

We have some of the equipment necessary for this project. A portable amp with wireless microphones. A projector and 100-inch screen. Lighting and tables. The capacity to cook something other than rubber chicken. We have been teaching and talking about trans issues for a decade, and can handle hecklers, trolls, and even the occasional comedian.


The Monthly Cost

  • Monthly Trip cost: $2,500 per month for 12 months
    • Includes gas, food, waste, water, necessaries, mobile internet, and, yes, a wage for the Team.
    • Year: $30,000 (So not a great wage)

What It Will Be Like

Each stop will be a kind of traveling show, with a 10 by 20 canopy tent and seating, where an entertaining, funny, interactive, exercise involved demonstration will be put on to teach people what it is like, metaphorically, to be a trans person in the world, where “hard to understand” terms and “social justice” words will be explained and demonstrated, and where people who might not otherwise realize it can meet trans people and come to know them. Most stops will involve two performances of the show, some will have three.
Each stop will be coordinated with local(ish) resources in the area and involve reaching out to local media for exposure.

Winter will be sent in the south, summer in the north.

Notable attractions in various areas will be visited in order to provide those who follow our exploits on the website and via livestreams when possible a sense of what these places are like, and we will use the restrooms wherever we go.

The adventure is called Empire on the Move, to honor past efforts and recognize that the first major transphobic effort against trans people and its title – nearly all the arguments against us today are derived from that one source and its influences.

As I am Empress, the long story for which is part of the shows, it is only fitting that I should do this.